Moses Moments

We are days away from the Fundraiser at the Farm!  This Saturday, February 25th from      1-4pm, we are going to share a great meal, hear about the vision, why we are doing this, how we plan on accomplishing this, reveal the name of the farm, stroll around the property and tour the homes!

When we talk to people about the farm, we hear a lot of “wows”!  We couldn’t agree more.  It is a HUGE task and if I’m being totally transparent, we are scared, excited, nervous and did I mention scared!   You remember Moses in the Bible, right?  Remember how he questioned God when God presented him with a really big task?  Stephen and I have had several Moses moments throughout this process and God has answered our questions every time with, “I’ll be with you and I’m sending you help”.   Every time we have come up with a, “But we don’t know how to do this”, God has responded with bringing someone that does.  Moses had Aaron and let me tell you, God is providing us with many Aarons!

-Starting a Homeschool/farm hybrid?  God, we aren’t homeschool parents, this is beyond us.                                                                                                                                                                 God’s response: Here are a few people to help give you guidance that have done exactly that and would love to help you plan and dream!

-Raising cows, pigs, sheep and chickens? Lord, Laura lived on a mini farm as a child and doesn’t remember a whole lot other than; don’t wear anything shiny when collecting eggs. God’s response:  I have the perfect people to help you!  They love farm animals, have tons of knowledge and have been looking for an opportunity to get back on a farm to help someone!

-Horses, I love them!  I know how incredibly therapeutic they can be for kids. I also know they are a ton of work and have very specific needs.  As do all animals!  Surely, you don’t intend for us to go that route?                                                                                                                       God’s response:  Yes I do and here are about 5 people that are over the top knowledgeable, have certifications, passion and love for all things horses. They’re going to help you.

Do you see where this is going?  Every single time we have doubted or questioned this, God reassures us that we’re not doing this alone.  Not only is He with us, but He is sending people to help!

For every person that walks away from a conversation with either Stephen or I and you’re shaking your head….we’re right there with you! Trust me, we KNOW we can’t do this on our own, but God can.  I think if we went into this over confident and had the attitude of, we’ve got this!  Then, it would be time for concern.  Doubting our abilities? To a certain extent we think that’s a good thing.  Doubting God’s abilities?  That is where we never want to go!  We want to go wherever God leads, no matter how uncomfortable, difficult or even impossible it may seem.  I’ve heard it said before on a few occasions, that when God asks you to do something and you drag your feet whining about your inabilities or flat out say no.  He will use someone else to accomplish what He wants done.  If we say no to this, what are we missing out on?  If we say no to this, we feel that we would be disobedient to what God has put in front of us.

I was in one of April Knight’s Scripture Doodle classes and she was talking about obedience.  She asked this question and it has stuck with me ever since.  “Who could your obedience impact?”  The answer, generations!  Children’s lives will be changed not by what we do, but by what God does through our obedience and your obedience.  All of you that are encouraging, praying and helping are all a part of changing the trajectory of a child’s life. That is something to celebrate!  We need your continued prayers and if you are able to, your financial support as well.  We would love to see you on Saturday, February 25th but if you aren’t able to make it, we can sit and chat with you another time or send you information.

You can make a donation on the JTM website at

Or mail a check to 1223 Tambourine Court, Mt. Pleasant SC 29466.  Please make all checks out to, Journey Together Ministries.   We appreciate each of you and are beyond thankful for you!  See you at the Farm!!


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