Living at the Farm!

Barn 07142017

It has been awhile since our last blog post about Arrow Farm and a lot has happened in that time!  The Lewis family is now living at the Farm!!  To say it has been an Ephesians 3:20 experience would be an understatement!  Journey Together is still raising funds to purchase the farm and while we are doing that, the owner agreed wholeheartedly to let us rent one of the houses!  On July 1st with the help of family and friends we loaded up the truck and made the move to the future Arrow Farm!  We are enjoying life in the country tremendously!  From riding tractors to cut the grass, doing a little shooting and our favorite, sitting on the front porch in the cool of the evening and dreaming of what will be.

Farm moon 07102017

Dreaming of the kids that will be running around the property one day. Volunteers helping in the garden, teaching kids how to nurture and grow a young seedling.  Children learning how to groom a horse, then trusting something so large and seeing the connection that only comes from an animal that will trust you completely when they feel safe in your presence. Archery practice. Soccer games. Swimming lessons. Bible studies where children are learning where their true identity comes from. Outdoor classrooms where kids aren’t just reading about science but they’re experiencing it firsthand. The list goes on and on!  Can you see it?

Ashley Shooting 07042017

That is what spurs us on.  That’s what we know and believe Arrow Farm will be and that is why we still need your help.  We need your prayers most of all.  If you have the margin to give financially, that is our next biggest need.  If you know someone you think would be interested in learning more about the Farm we would love to talk with them.  Starting in August we are going to start having Family Days once a month where you can come out, bring the family and see for yourself what we see in this Farm. We will also have dinners once a month for people interested in partnering financially with Journey Together to fund and purchase Arrow Farm.  We are working on some ideas for this and can’t wait to share more!


If you have any questions or want to talk with us, we are always happy to grab a cup of coffee or iced tea and chat with you! Please click on the link below to give towards the farm!





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